About us

ROBICO Commercial Services Department was founded in 1988 by the Federation of Trade Unions of Diary Employees in Poland.

Initially, the company was reaching the financial resources of a trade of dairy products for statutory activities of the Federation. Over time, a commitment ofthe President of the Federation Andrew Szczepanski and his coworkers to the development of sales turned into a creation of brand Robico.

CSD ROBICO offers fresh and natural diary products of the highest quality: kefir,natural buttermilk, cream and microfiltered milk in a glass bottle.

CSD ROBICO sells products under its own brand. The production of Robico products is subcontracted to the diary cooperative societies, but CSD ROBICOprovides technological know-how, packagings, machinery and equipment.

Currently, the main production plant is located in Niedrzewiu, which is a branch ofthe Dairy Cooperative Society in Krosniewice. It's small but modern plant havingcertified quality systems HACCP and ISO 9001.  There is installed a line formicrofiltration and there are produced: cold milk, kefir and buttermilk.