Why Cold?


The philosophy called ZIMNEGO MLEKA came into existence on the market in 2004 because of the dominance of the sterilized UHT milk, which has a 6-month shelf life and does not require refrigeration. It became apparent that many merchants accustomed to the „comfort” of UHT milk began to disregard the need to continually refrigerate pasteurized milk in cartons, typically seeing such milk displayed away from refrigerators. Wanting to separate ourselves from such learned practices and noticing we can offer customers a product of unique and never before seen quality on the Polish market, but requiring a continuous chain of refrigeration we decided on the name ZIMNE (COLD), which has a multilevel meaning:
  • ZIMNE – means fresh and that’s exactly what our milk is.
  • ZIMNE – it’s the opposite of „warm” meaning UHT.
  • ZIMNE – because it has to keep it’s properties and taste.
  • ZIMNE – so it could induce an automatic association and reaction in the customer’s mind that the product being bought must be cold, therefore coming from the refrigerator.